Augustus Stickland is a practising sculptor who studied Fine Art Drawing at Camberwell College of Arts. 

Before his degree, he grew up amongst the English countryside which inspires his work and his
interest in his principle medium; wood. At the age of eighteen he became an apprentice to a celebrated joiner where the skills he learnt there were to underlie his whole practice, understanding the complexities and nature of wood.

This informs his practice today, a minimalist juxtaposition of form and function, design and fine art. He makes works that confuse the boundries between craft and sculpture, the work does not assume an action rather it supposes aesthetic. The work consists of repetitions of shape and line, a modulation in the material creating obscure emblems or imagined monuments that bring conflict between the natural growth of wood and a modern form.

The artist takes interest in how tempering with the material through elemental change can alter the final work, with techniques such as Shou Sugi Ban used in Japan, burning the surface to protect the wood beneath that can promote interesting tone and texture to the material.



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